Hi Helen.iv had a report of an Ifor Williams horse trailer stolen over night fri/sat 19th November.lady who`s box it was Jayne Jones reported it to police, crime number 16000376114 debyshire police,the box is blue and silver,SCK40000020345715 is the serial number on the box.4 locks were broke off it.taken from woodhouse lane shuttlewood,chesterfied.

sunday 20/11/16 a lady reported 4 ponies on her firms land in claycross,derbyshire police incident number 406,the lady is called Ruth and is going to contact Helen tonight in regards to were she stands legally as a woman has come forward for the ponies and says she cut the fence and put them on there as she was kicked off her land.only one pony is micro chipped but he is not registered to her.An abandonment notice was put up yesterday.

All, please read the fly-grazing article on the website. With regard to this particular incident, well done for getting an incident number. The people with legal rights are the landowners and the horses’ owners. The landowners can take action to seize the horses, having given proper notice, and may also want to take action for damage to the fencing. As the woman who has come forwards cannot prove ownership, this would be a matter for Trading Standards.

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