Be Aware this Quarter

by on 7th July 2018

  • Ragwort season is upon us – check out the Documents and Articles page for information on the law and how to manage / control ragwort on your own land.
  • Fires are an increasing risk in the current heat. Specific issues to consider are :
    • Smoking on the yard or in the fields.
    • School holidays start soon and young people may want to have a bbq or campfire without realising the current heightened risk – be more vigilant than usual.
  • Managing heat and horses – this is mostly common sense (like ensuring there is plenty of water and shade in fields, and good ventilation in stables), but a couple of extras to consider:
    Dehydration induced laminitis and colic – even where sufficient water is provided, some horses may not drink sufficiently to keep their gut balanced and moving. Consider feeding electrolytes or giving water with electrolytes as well as plain water, to balance sweated losses and encourage drinking – speak to your vet first if your horse is on any medication or has a known metabolic issue.

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