Be Aware the Quarter

by on 11th February 2020

Trailer and Horsebox Security Refresh Photos and description to take account of any new damage / marks. Make sure you have a record of the chassis number. Where possible, register your trailer with the manufacturer (Ifor Williams definitely offer this service – check with your manufacturer). Update your horse photos to make sure you have […]

Battery Thefts

by on 19th June 2019

Message from Derbyshire Police – Car batteries can be used in Crystal Meth production. Whilst police are unlikely to investigate individual thefts as there is not normally any evidence for them to work with, it is helpful to have them reported, as clusters of thefts could indicate a Meth Lab in the area.

Be Aware this Quarter

by on 7th July 2018

Ragwort season is upon us – check out the Documents and Articles page for information on the law and how to manage / control ragwort on your own land. Fires are an increasing risk in the current heat. Specific issues to consider are : Smoking on the yard or in the fields. School holidays start […]

Dangerous vehicle

by on 3rd October 2017

Thursday 28 September.  Dark blue Range Rover registration starting B40 driving at speed behind a rider on Mercaston Lane.  Was asked to slow down which they completely ignored that and as they got level with the rider sounded their horn.  Fortunately, no accident.  This has been reported to the Police, but they cannot take action as they […]